Registration Adjustment Form

Registration for each term occurs within designated periods. Within these periods, you will be assigned specific registration appointment times. Your appointment times will be available on Vergil about two weeks prior to the registration period.

Who Needs This Form?

This form is primarily for course transactions that cannot be accomplished in Vergil:

  • Add a course that cannot be added using Vergil—Requires INSTRUCTOR SIGNATURE
  • Drop a course that cannot be dropped using Vergil (before the drop deadline)—Requires INSTRUCTOR SIGNATURE
  • Add a course or courses that conflict—Requires BOTH INSTRUCTOR SIGNATURES as well as an authorized signature from your school

Click the link at the bottom to download a PDF copy. 

Late Registration Reminder

You must be registered for at least one class prior to the first day of classes. Otherwise, you will be charged a late registration fee. As long as you have activated the term by registering for any class, you may add and drop throughout the Change-of-Program Period without a fee.