Activate Your UNI

students sitting on Low Library steps

Your UNI (University Network ID) is the login name and password you will use to access many online services at Columbia. Your UNI is also the first part of your official Columbia email address.

To activate your UNI, visit and select "Activate UNI or Email." Then follow the on-screen instructions.

Once you have successfully activated your UNI, you will be able to access Columbia's secure online applications, including Vergil/Student Services Online (Vergil/SSOL), CourseWorks, online library resources, and much more.

Check Your Email Regularly

Your UNI is also the first part of your Columbia email address: [UNI] Visit the CUIT email page for ways to check your email.

Columbia uses email as an official means of communication with students. Many important University communications, including notification of the Student Account Statement availability, are via email only. 

It is very important that you check your email often, as you are responsible for all official University communications sent to your Columbia email address.

For help activating your UNI and checking your email, see the CUIT help page.