Complete Student Health History Form

Columbia Health is the on-campus resource that provides extensive health care and services for you while you are at the University. The team of professionals includes medical providers, therapists, psychiatrists, disability specialists, health promotion specialists, nutritionists, peer counselors, support staff, and administrative professionals.

About the Health History Form

Columbia Health expects all students to complete the Student Health History Form. It is completely confidential and becomes part of your medical record. The form should include any medical information that is pertinent to your ongoing care – particularly around current treatment and prescriptions, as well as your immunization records. Columbia Health does not share this information, or any other information about your health, with anyone without your written permission.

Complete the form online via the Columbia Health Patient Portal (Medical Clearances section).

Form not visible? This form will only be visible for students with "Active" status in the Student Information System. If it is not yet visible to you, please check back until your status is updated. 

How Information is Used

The Health History will be reviewed by a Columbia Health professional, and based upon responses, students may receive information about on-campus resources to ensure a smooth transition to Columbia Health. Connect with Columbia Health early – meet Primary Care Clinicians (PCP) in Medical Services, talk to a counselor in Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS), register Disability Services (DS), or make use of the many other resources that are available through Columbia Health.