Register with Disability Services

Disability Services, part of Columbia Health, supports students with all types of disabilities, including physical, learning, ADHD, chronic medical and psychological conditions, and temporary injuries.

Academic Accommodations

Students who require reasonable academic accommodations or support services from Disability Services must register with the office. It is recommended that students joining the University for the Fall Term contact the office by July 1 to initiate the registration process, but no later than 3 weeks prior to the start of classes. Learn more about required documentation, services available, and the registration process.

Housing Accommodations

Housing accommodations may be needed for students who feel that living in the traditional setting described may not work, for those who will need something additional in that setting, and for all students who need accessible rooms. Students who require reasonable housing accommodations on the basis of such conditions must contact Disability Services.  The deadline to request housing accommodations for the Fall Term is May 1; however, students are still encouraged to contact the office beyond the deadline, but no later than June 1. Learn more about options.